About Rye Bread Machine

This blog is dedicated to the making and baking of rye bread.  Rye bread can be as complicated and simple you want it to be.  The most important thing to remember is to use good quality ingredients and to use them well.  That means use filtered water if you have to.  Buy a popular or slightly more expensive brand of rye flour.  Also, be sure your baking area and counter tops are clean because the taste and smell of your kitchen can transfer over to your bread.  Make sure your oven is clean.  If you oven is greasy with months and years of animal fat drippings or other burnt pieces of food particles left over, you will want to clean all of that out before you use it to bake your bread.  First of all, it's disgusting.  Second, it definitely has an affect on the quality of the result of your loaf of baked bread that comes out.  A dirty oven may even affect the baking times so your bread may come out uneven.

If you're using an bread machine, you'll want to make sure that is clean as well.  Baking bread should be a fun experience that can be shared with all members of your family.  The baking process as well as enjoy the fruits of your labor afterwards.  The Rye Bread Machine blog hopes to provide you with the tools to make this easier.