Rye bread machine nutrition

There are many benefits of eating rye bread.  But, it continues to be put in the bottom rung when compared to the other types of breads.  Of course we all know about wheat bread.  But, now all the rage you hear about in the main supermarket chains like Kroger, Safeway, Albertson's, Lucky's and Harris Teeter are whole grain, 7 grain, multi grain, 100% whole wheat, and the list is endless.  Have you stood in front of the bread aisle lately?  It's like looking in front of a Las Vegas buffet selection.  At Rye Bread Machine blog, we want to bring attention back to the good ole rye bread.

With it's nutty taste and consistent texture, rye should be more popular than it currently is.  Most of the time in order to find it you'll have to look in the far back corner, of the last shelf, on the bottom rack.  Why is it getting disrespected so much!  Rye bread is so nutritious for you and perhaps my be even more so than wheat bread, which is probably the most popular type of bread nowadays.  Instead of buying it from a store, of course you can always use a rye bread machine recipe and make it yourself.

Rye bread promotes weight loss because it's rich in fiber.  And also helps to prevent gallstones in addition to substantially lower the risk for type 2 diabetes.  Did you know another benefit is rye fiber fights cardiovascular disease and promotes gastrointestinal health.  Yes, the list continues on.  Assists with prevention of heart failure and prevention of certain cancers.

Not only is rye bread great tasting, but also very good for you overall health and diet.  The next time you're in the bread aisle but sure to look down on the corner and pick up that loaf of rye.


Amazing and Quick Rye Bread Machine Recipe!

This rye bread recipe is written exclusively to use for a bread machine.  Don't use a recipe meant to use for oven baking for your bread machine.  The baking times, the heat elements and the way the dough turns out is completely different.  Most of all the measurements won't be the same.  Make sure you'll using the best ingredients you can find or afford, follow the recipes to a T, and trust your hand rye bread machine to do the rest.  Enough said, here's the Amazing and Quick Rye Bread Recipe.

This recipe will yield about a 1 - 1 1/2 pound loaf
Place all the ingredients in the bread pan of your trusty breadmaker in the exact order suggested by the manufacturer.

You'll want to set the machine in the Regular, Normal, or French Bread setting and a Light Color.  And like they say on TV, Set It and Forget It.  Go watch TV or read a book until it's done.  When it is finally done take the whole loaf out of the pan and let it rest on a wire rack.  You can thank me later!

    1-1/2 cup water
    2 tablespoons vegetable oil
    2 tablespoons molasses
    3 tablespoons honey
    1 tablespoon gluten
    1 tablespoon sugar
    1 teaspoon salt
    3 teaspoons caraway seeds
    2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
    1-1/2 cups rye flour
    1-1/2 cups bread flour
    1/2 cup cornmeal
    2 teaspoons dry yeast